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Try to understand an oil painting before judging it

Appreciating an oil painting, no matter it belongs to which art school or style, in the first sight, you need to establish a positive mentality to understand the oil painting. That’s means you need trying to know the painting’s background, how the painting came into being, and what the artist want to tell us, even the art structure and the features of forms. That the way we can judge and criticize the oil painting fairly when we have learned these basic elements. Some people always criticize an oil painting before knowing the artist’s intension. They criticize the painting just because they know nothing about it and don’t like the art form. It will be hard to improve the aesthetic judgment if a person always doing in this way.

The western art is a kind of art, it is also a language to carry information. Similar as the oral language and writings, oil painting art has its structure and principles. If we want to understand the meanings and information of an oil painting by our eyes, we must learn to feel the visual art language.

We believe that a person with professional knowledge of painting art could understand the art and get a much better aesthetic result than a person that know nothing about oil painting.

shishkin, ivan morning in a pine forest
shishkin, ivan morning in a pine forest


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