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Cézanne, still life painting

A simple wood table was covered with a cloth, there showing some apples, bottles baskets and plates…
Cézanne tried to seek the balance of each apple’s structures of shape and faces. The color use was rigorous, the strokes were bold and vigorous. When the brush couldn’t express the quality of the color, Cézanne adapted pallet knife with heavy color on the painting canvas. For showing the articles’ three dimension effect, he planned the relationship of the volume and spaces. By comparing the color of fruit and the table cloth, the painting showed us the contrast of the cold color tone and warm color tone.
The still life painting color is so pure and lively. By this oil painting, we can find why Cézanne was known as Father of modernism.
Standing in front of the table, seeing the red apple in the white porcelain plate with fragrant smell released silently. The oranges were fresh, the other apples and oranges were laid in twos and threes.
Before the curtain, I wanted to pick op an apple randomly, but it was slipped in the table cloth, it is almost falling down with the pleats.
Nice apples and beautiful oranges, plump eared and rape. The nature and life are full of pleasantly surprise. Put them on the table with his enthusiasm hands, arranged them in a gentle organization.
I think for Cézanne, the still life paintings must be like the landscape paintings that could be created as he wished. Cézanne was trying to develop the biggest freedom of art appreciation. He wanted to show the apple’s structure by color tone, the strokes were simple and vigorous. The painting compositions were harmonious and graceful. The afternoon sunshine glittering on the apples and the oranges, the color changes between dark and bright. The cabbage purple apples were covered with wine red.
The amazing apples and oranges attracted Cezanne deeply. Cezanne was full of energy when painting, the white painting canvas, beautiful fruit, form a sharp contrast, the table cloth was fine-grained, the table was in nice angular. When looking over the fruits and fruit painting, we are happy like seeing a flower, a piece of cloud.
Cézanne’s oil paintings were jeered for his painting skill, but Cézanne didn’t care about it. He made his mind to begin painting in his own way in the manner that just like he had never seen an oil painting. He lost deeply in painting color and painting composition. He was very sure about the fruit painting, as a subject of still life paintings was the idealistic painting source to realize his art dream.
Still life painting of Da Vinci and Raphael are so magnificent and graceful and unattainable. Bu we feel so close about Cezanne’s still life paintings with the manner of real and natural.

We can feel the silent strength by Cezanne’s oil painting. He is an aestheticism artist by his attitude on oil painting art. We can get his feeling to painting art. It’s a very serious feeling with reverence and awe. Seeing Cézanne’s fruit oil painting, the feeling in my heart will be very delicate and beyond my description. For sure, it’s doesn’t matter, the most important thing is Cezanne achieved a great success by his still life painting.

Cezanne, still life painting
Cezanne, still life painting


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