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How to appreciate oil painting?

When we appreciate an oil painting, we are accustomed to see what the painting is depicted, then judging if it is very similar with the things that we have known. We also discuss about the oil painting subject, if the painting has deep meaning. Now we should say this is not a perfect appreciating way, because it is a method based on the early experience that we had. In this way, the oil painting is forced to cater to a kind of definition or theory then we missed the chance to comprehend the oil painting content and feeling. Though an oil painting has its intension and subject, they are not the all purpose that we appreciate an oil painting. Depicting the objects accurately is only one of the art properties. If the objects similar as what we have seen in the real life is only suitable some kinds of art style, and viewing an art in this angle is normally plain.

The light, shape, color and the structure are all the idea symbols that affect the artistic appeal and influence the oil painting appreciation. Different artists had different way to use the elements in their oil paintings, and then came into being the distinguished oil painting arts. So as an oil painting appreciator, for having the ability to enjoy different style oil painting art, and reach the high art appreciating level, it is necessary to command some art knowledge.

Mona lisa
Mona lisa


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